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    Library opening

    The physical Library is currently closed.
    The College Librarian is available to support you online so please feel free to contact him via e-mail.
    In the first instance we will try to support you with online texts, and  there are many titles available to
    you online if you check the e-books list in Section 7.
    Failing that, and if circumstances warrant it, we will consider ways of getting you access to a physical copy.

    Click and Collect (once we re-open)

    There is no casual, drop-in access to the Library: all visits should be by appointment only.
    For books and other items you should use the Click-and-Collect service.

    Pick up times are Monday-Friday, 9.45, 11.45, 13.45 or 15.45

    E-mail library@bruford.ac.uk or e-mail the College Librarian directly: frank.trew@bruford.ac.uk
    There is a Tawk-to widget in the bottom right-hand corner of this page which you can use to chat to or send a message to the Librarian.


    For technical equipment please contact the technicians first.
    If they need something from the Library they will contact us about that and collect it from us: