1.2 Academic Provision

The College‚Äôs provision is one of the most comprehensive in its field of any institution in Europe and continues to develop.  As articulated in the Mission Statement and enshrined in the Strategic Plan, the College provides a range of learning and research experiences at the highest levels to enable students to acquire knowledge and skills in an environment that places theatre and performance practice at the centre of the learning experience.  The College offers opportunities to students who will have a wide range of motivations and intentions, including:

  • those who intend to practise as professional artists
  • those who wish to study and develop theatre practice within a broader context
  • those who are seeking to extend their knowledge to enhance their appreciation of theatre forms
  • those who wish to engage in continuing education and study part-time to enhance their professional standing          

Meeting these needs has led the College to establish a range of educational opportunities that are unique in providing an exciting and challenging working environment.

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