2.1 Hourly paid and fixed-term contracts

Hourly paid or fixed-term contracts are issued by Human Resources. They are of two types:


The demonstrator contract is basically a teaching only contract and is usually used for blocks of teaching that are constituent part of the academic schedule and where use of a fee-based contract would be inappropriate (whether for tax or other reasons). As a demonstrator you cannot be asked to assess work.


If your teaching requires you to assess students you will be offered a lecturer contract.

For both contracts, you are paid a comprehensiverate rate prorata to the hours you are employed to work. (A pension opt-out form available from the TPS website).  

The type of contract (i.e. Demonstrator or Lecturer) is decided by the Programme Director based on the work you are required to carry out  The Programme Director will then send the contract request to Human Resources who draw up the contract and send out with any regulatory paperwork that is required.  If you have any questions regarding the type of contract, duration of work and/or start date these should be discussed with your Programme Director

As a fixed-term member of staff you are an employee of the College and with all the employment rights that accrue as a member of staff. Before you start work, HR will forward to you:

  • A welcome letter;
  • A from asking you to confirm your eligibility to work in the UK;
  • A note relating to off-site teaching and tutorial work;
  • Programme administration information
  • Payroll approval form (for bank details etc)
  • Personal emergency contact form
  • Health and Safety Handbook for sessional staff
  • Staff Handbook
  • An Equal opportunities form (information from this is anonymous and forms part of the College’s return to the Higher Education Statistics Agency HESA)
  • Previous career experience form
  • A contract (as demonstrator or lecturer) outlining your remuneration, duties, hours of work, benefits etc.

HR can be contacted for more details relating to hourly and fixed term contacts
Examples can be found at the end of this section

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