2.7 Insurance and security

The College does NOT insure your personal property when it is on College premises, so if you are concerned about any particular item, (such as a musical instrument or laptop etc.), you need to make sure that it is covered by your own personal insurance policy.  The College has third party liability to cover accidents to students and staff on College. 

Staff are issued with a multi-function College identity card or visitors badge and when on College premises this must be displayed at all times.  The card or badge should only be removed if there is a risk that it may impede movement during classes and projects.  You must show your identity card if requested to do so by a member of the College staff.  Failure to present an identity card may result in you being refused entry to the college and asked to leave the premises. 


You should take care to ensure good practice is maintained in terms of securing rooms, equipment and resources and that all appropriate measures are taken to protect the valuable facilities and investment at their disposal.

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