2.12 Student study support services

Under the co-ordination of Dr. Paul Fryer, the College provides several study support services which are available to students:

1. Study Induction programme:

A series of classes are available to students on all programmes at the start of each academic year.

 2. Study Support web-pages:

A useful series of “how to” pages that deal with a range of subjects, including Researching using the Internet, writing assignments and preparing and presenting seminars.These pages can be found on the “Student” section of the College web-site – click on the link to “Study Support”.

 3. Specialist Study Support sessions:

The College provides support that will be of specific help to dyslexic students, and those experiencing similar problems. A specialist tutor is available in the Learning Resources Centre on specific days: a sign-up sheet is available to book an individual session. The College also provides support to students working in a second language, and details of this can also be obtained from the Learning Resources Centre.

 4. Open-Access Study Support sessions:

Individual support is available on two days each week in the Learning Resources Centre: a sign-up sheet is available to book an individual session – or just drop in for a chat.

The Learning Support Coordinator is Simon Hopper: simon.hopper@bruford.ac.uk

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