3.3 Help with planning your work - for tutors new to teaching.

The process of planning a teaching session follows a simple cyclical pattern.  Even if the session is never repeated, there should be a period of evaluation and reflection, which can feed back into your teaching, your students’ learning, and the whole team’s delivery of this and other modules.

 So, before you accept any teaching commitments, ensure that you understand precisely what your role is, where your sessions fit into the module and as much detail as you can about the aims and outcomes of the module.

The first thing you need to do is check where students are expected to be in terms of their understanding and skills.  You can get a good idea about this by looking at the module descriptor in the course handbook.  There you will find a set of aims and outcomes for the module as a whole – these are the things students are supposed to be able to do by the end of the module, rather than the end of your session.  This is important because a session at the start of a module should not expect students to have the same level of understanding as one at the end, and earlier sessions should be aimed at developing the outcomes, later ones at mastering them.  It is important that your teaching focuses on these aims and outcomes as it is the outcomes that will be assessed.

Aims, learning outcomes and criteria for assessment can all be found in the programme and module specifcations (see links in 3.1 How our programmes work).

A bibliography of books on teaching can be found in the useful links section at the end of this reource. All these books are available in the Learning Resources Centre.

You might also like to use the on-line teaching resources at the Higher Education Academy:

 New teacher’s toolkit:


Dance, drama and music briefings:


 The College also runs a Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education: Theatre and Performance. The programme has an associated open education resource which you might also find helpful:


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 The Open Educational Resource is intended to support and enhance the professional practice of those involved in Learning and Teaching in the Performing Arts in Higher Education. It is also intended to support students on programmes of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and teachers who wish to apply for either Associate Fellowship or Fellowship of the UK Higher Education Academy.

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