3.4 Working with disabled/dyslexic students

Under disability and equality legislation covering higher education and disability, students has protection from discrimination in all aspects of their studies.  It is unlawful to discriminate against disabled student or those with other protected characteristics as defined by the 2012 Equality Act

Discrimination can take place in 2 ways:

  • By treating students “less favourably”;
  • By failing to make a “reasonable adjustment” when they are placed at a “substantial disadvantage” compared to other people for a reason relating to their disability.

The legislation enables disabled students to ask for adjustments to teaching methods and assessments and the College is obliged to consider their request and do their best to meet the request it if it is reasonable.  If you need advice and assistance with this please contact your Programme Director and/or the College Disability Adviser, Ros Platton for further advice on the matter.  If the college does not meet the legal requirements they can be taken to court and in certain circumstances staff can be personally liable. 

Approximately 1 in 3 of our current students has disclosed that they are disabled.  About half of these students are dyslexic.  Disabled people, particularly those with physical disabilities, are currently under-represented in acting and theatre professions and the College would like to change this by training disabled students to work in these areas. We have an on-going relationship with a theatre group for disabled actors to encourage more disabled students to apply to the College.

The College supports an inclusive approach to education whereby the curriculum is adapted to suit the needs of all students and undertakes programme reviews to ensure that they are flexible and adaptable to meet a range of needs. 

The College Disability Adviser, Ros Platton can offer advice, guidance and support and can be contacted as follows:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 9.15am – 2.45pm
Thursday, 9.15am – 11.45am Ground Floor- The Coach House

Telephone: 020 8308 2610
Email: ros.platton@bruford.ac.uk

The College also employs a dyslexia tutor two days a week who provides learning support and can arrange for diagnostic assessments to ascertain whether you are dyslexic. The dyslexia tutor can also provide you with a dyslexia certificate which you can attach to your course work to ensure that your dyslexia is taken into account when your work is marked. 

The Learning Support Coordinator is Simon Hopper: simon.hopper@bruford.ac.uk

Two DVDs are available to view in the College LRC: 

  • In 2008 the College created a DVD on inclusive performance teaching for the Arts Council/Graeae project INTO THE SCENE. This involved tutors and students from the College and was directed by Kathy Dacre, Director of Learning and Teaching.
  • A DVD, SIGHTLINES, produced by GRAEAE focuses on working with actors who have visual impairment.

 Viewing the DVD’s is one of the Learning and Teaching Enhancement activities recommended to all tutors at Rose Bruford.

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