4.5 Assessment criteria and grading descriptors

The assessment criteria are determined by the programme and module intended learning outcomes. The learning outcomes form the basis of feedback sheets. In order to measure the achievement of the learning objectives as described by the assessment criteria markers use a set of generic grading descriptors. Whilst there is always a degree of academic judgement exercised in arriving at marking decisions, the grading descriptors are designed to ensure that students’ work is marked as fairly and equitably as possible.

In effect, the assessment criteria are “what am I assessing?” the grading descriptors “how well did the student do?”

The two Schools use different grading descriptors which reflect the nature of the disciplines and the expectations of the assessments. You will find these along with the specific descriptors for postgraduate work on DoRIS or in the useful links section of the e-Handbook. Your Programme Director will advise you of the appropriate marking sheets and the grading descriptors you should be using for each assignment.

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