4.6 More on feedback

Feedback plays an essential role in the learning process and tells students about their progress towards achieving intended learning outcomes. It is intended to help them to improve their learning and performance in assessment.

The College is committed to providing timely and appropriate feedback to students on their academic progress and achievement, thereby enabling them to reflect on their progress and plan their academic and skills development effectively.

Section 13 of the Assessment Policy and Procedures details types of feedback and how it can be delivered.

In briefing a student on assessment, regard is paid to the assessment schedule to ensure that students have adequate time to complete assignments and that the workload is fairly distributed. Briefs also indicate the date on which they can expect feedback on their work. The College policy is for feedback to be returned to students within 20 working days after the final submission date. If you feel that you cannot meet this deadline, you should inform the Programme Director to agree when work and feedback will be returned to the students.

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