3.6 The Open Educational Resource

In 2012 Rose Bruford College had the opportunity to complete an innovative and useful Open Educational Resource (OER) as part of the HEFCE, JISC and Higher Education Academy Open Educational Resources programme: Open Materials for Accredited Courses (OMAC) Strand. You will find this website a great help in enhancing your work with students at Rose Bruford College.

This OER is intended to support and enhance the professional practice of those involved in Learning and Teaching in the Performing Arts in Higher Education. It is also intended to support students on accredited United Kingdom programmes of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education and teachers who wish individually to apply for recognition as a Fellow or Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. The project team at the College developed eight units of sustainable OER which specifically relate to the UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning in Higher Education. They are designed to enable teachers and supporters of student learning in Performing Arts Higher Education to enhance their practice and develop a portfolio of work which will evidence their engagement with the Professional Standards Framework. Each unit – called a study area- has been designed around generic issues concerning learning and teaching and focuses on the performing arts based disciplines. The study areas are called:

  • What does it mean to become a critically reflective practitioner?
  • Pedagogic Practice in the Performing Arts
  • The Design and Planning of Learning Activities
  • Listening and Responding to the Student Voice: Using evidence based data to enhance practice
  • Assessment for Learning or Assessment of Learning in the Performing Arts
  • Developing Inclusive Learning Communities
  • Entreprenuership and Employability
  • The Evaluation and Enhancement of Professional Practice.

The website can be accessed at www.rltperformingarts.org

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