Before you start you search it is worthwhile thinking a little bit about the topic you are researching, and perhaps a little bit about the sources you are using. This is particularly pertinent when researching the theatre. Because if you knew that EBSCOhost was a US-based company and that a lot of its content came from US journals, magazines and books, then that might get you thinking about the differences in spelling between the UK and the USA: theatre versus theater, colour versus color etc.

In some cases, maybe even the majority of cases, the database may be programmed to pick up these common spelling differences, and return results anyway. But you should bear it in mind when using any database.

Similarly, you should consider any names you are searching for, particularly any non-English names.

For example, a search in the same EBSCOhost database turned up the following results:

            Stanislavskii     =          106
            Stanislavsky     =          109
            Stanislavski      =          309

Now let's consider what is known as Truncation.

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