Opening/closing times

Term time opening hours
Monday                          8.30 - 20.00                                             
Tuesday                         8.30 - 20.00                                             
Wednesday                         8.30 - 20.00                                             
Thursday                         8.30 - 20.00                                             
Friday                       8.30 - 17.00                                             
Saturday                       10.00 - 14.00                                             

During the Summer vacation (1st July onwards) these hours will be considerably reduced:

Weekdays      10.00-12.00 Reference only (no issue desk services)

                       12.00-16.00 Issue desk open

Week-ends     Closed

There will be the occasional closed day during the Summer,
and the Library will be closed completely for the week 12th-16th August, 2019.

To ensure the Issue desk closes on time it will shut down up to 15 minutes before the advertised closing time. Do not leave borrowing until the very last minute as you may find that the desk has closed down already.

Please remember to keep an eye on the due date for your books.  With access to the Internet so prolific the library no longer operates telephone renewals. You will need to renew books online if the due date falls during the break and/or you are away. The website address for this is:

You log in with your library barcode number / College ID number,
and the library PIN (the last four digits of the barcode).


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