Online Learners

This page gives information on the services offered and resources available to Online Learners.

Welcome to the Rose Bruford College library on the VLE/Moodle.
We hope that you find the information and resources here useful, and that access is much improved for you. Please feel free to contact the library staff about any other information you would like to see on this site.


You are welcome to visit the Rose Bruford library in person and as a member you are entitled to borrow up to 10 items. You should consult the Library catalogue to see items held in the library, and to check your user account:

The library is unable to offer a postal loan service (but see Photocopying below). However, as a member of Rose Bruford you may automatically be members of Bexley Libraries and have access to all of their resources. If you are not, then you are strongly encouraged to join:

There is no longer a restriction on membership (such as living, working or studying within the borough) and they already have many international members. As a member you have access not only to their book-stock but also to all of their online resources (such as Oxford Reference online and Grove Music online).

You should also be aware of the SCONUL Access Scheme and consider applying for a SCONUL Access card. This scheme allows you to access many other higher education libraries within the UK and Ireland, and grants you certain borrowing rights.

Photocopying service

The library provides a photocopying sevice to Online Learners subject to copyright regulations. We can provide extracts (either one chapter or up to 10%) from books or ONE article from a journal that the library has in stock. There is a small fee for this service (currently £3.00 per request) to cover the costs of copying. All requests must be accompanied by the Copyright Declaration form and since this requires a hand-written signature this form needs to be returned to the LRC either by fax, post or as a scanned pdf. Unfortunately the Library cannot process any request until this declaration form is received. The photocopy will then be sent out to you by mail.

The library is unable to scan items for you as this is contrary to the terms of the licence we have from the CLA (Copyright Licencing Agency). However, a large number of the readings you require for your modules will have been scanned under the terms of the CLA Digitisation Licence which we do possess, and these should be available for you within your course module.

You should also investigate your local public library to see what inter-library loan arrangements are available to you as a member, especially if you are outside the UK.

Electronic Resources

There are a large number of online resources available to you, either free on the Internet or via the library's subscription to a database. These can all be found under the Resources sections on this site.

Off-campus you will be required to enter a username and password to access many of the subscription resources. To facilitate this the Library uses OpenAthens as a means of authenticating user access to many of the resources. OpenAthens is explained further under Passwords and online access.


You may contact any member of the library staff on 020 8308 2626 or e-mail

The College Librarian is also happy to take your enquiries and suggestions:

For enquiries regarding Rose Bruford ID cards and other computer related problems please contact the IT Helpline at

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