SCONUL Applicants - visiting other libraries

SCONUL Access is a co-operative venture between most of the higher education libraries within the UK and Ireland. It enables staff and students to access and, in many instances, borrow material from other libraries. It does not give you an automatic right to go here you want, when you want, but does allow you to access the facilities and some resources of SCONUL member institutions, provided that that access is not detrimental to the activities of the institutions own students. Please be aware therefore that at examination times, access to many higher education institutions will be restricted. Full details and the online application form can be found at:

Staff and research students
Part-time and Distance Learning students
Postgraduate students
Full-time undergraduate students (at present have reference only access but this is changing)

Membership lasts for the length of your course or employment, or for three years, whichever is the shorter period.

You will need
your Rose Bruford ID card
the  e-mail autorisation sent to you by the Library
your LRC account to be in good order

Complete the online application form and if accepted you will be sent an e-mail which you must take with you in order to join the library (or libraries) you wish to visit.

Good standing

If you have overdue items or fines and fees on your account you will need to bring your account into good order before your application will be accepted. It is a requirement of the SCONU scheme that your account is in good order, and remains in good order. Your SCONUL access privileges can be withdrawn if your account falls into arrears.

Visiting the libraries

Check the SCONUL website to verify that the institution you wish to visit is a member of the scheme. Also check their opening hours and any local visiting conditions (e.g. some institutions may require a photograph). Take your SCONUL e-mail and your Rose Bruford ID along with you as you may be asked for either or both of these.

Do not expect other library staff to do all of your research for you: aim to be confident and competent in your use of research tools. Please respect the institution you are visiting and abide by their rules and regulations. Any abuse of the service will result in the withdrawal of your SCONUL Access card.

Some other library catalogues can be found here: Other Libraries

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