Passwords and online access

There are many combinations of username and password that you will require while you are a student at Rose Bruford. Here are some of the more important ones.

University/college ID
You will be given a log-in to the Rose Bruford computer network.
For students this is normally the initial of your first name + your surname + the last three digits of your college number e.g. jsmith123.
For staff it is usually your surname + the initial of your first name.

Your password is whatever you have set it up to be after your first log-in. It needs to be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one CAPITAL letter and at least one number or symbol.

Password Reset
You are required to sign-up for the college password reset system. This only takes a few moments and allows you to reset your own password should you forget it or if you are locked out of the college system for some reason. This is invaluable if you are working from home or off-campus. Password Reset enrollment is now open for anyone, anywhere to enroll, but you need to do so before your password expires or before your account is locked.

If you have forgotten your password and have not signed up to the Password Reset system then you will need to contact the IT Helpdesk to have your password reset:

Bear in mind that they will not always be there when you want them, so please ensure you enrol on the Password Reset system as a matter of priority.

You will also be given a four-digit PIN number which you will need when you wish to print or photocopy materials.

Please note that the above username, password and PIN are independent of the LRC.

Library username and password
Your library username is the barcode number on the back of your ID card, which for student users is the same as your College ID. Many staff will usually have an older number beginning 20109 .... 
The Library password or PIN is normally the last four digits of your library ID.

E.G. Username = 1234567 / 2010912345678
PIN =                         4567 /                    5678

You will need these in order to view your library account, renew your books, and to log-on to some of the e-resources provided via Bexley Libraries.

Athens is NOT a resource in itself. It is a means of authenticating you and the institution you belong to in order to enable access to many of the e-resources the library subscribes to. Since this system is used throughout all of the UK universities and authenticates accesss to hundreds of resources, you may come across the message saying to use your Athens log-in on many occasions. This does NOT mean that you have access to all of these resources: it only means that that resource uses Athens as a means of logging in. You only have access to the resources Rose Bruford subscribes to. It is therefore better to familiarise yourself with these resources by logging into Athens directly and clicking on My Resources.

Your Athens username and password will be the same as your College ones.

You will be given another username and password in order to log-on to the college's VLE (Virtual Learning Environment), known as Moodle. When you are accessing resources from within Moodle you may still be required to enter other usernames and passwords (library barcode, Athens) in order to access the full resource. At present there is no single user sign-on to enable access to all of the college's databases and resources. Access to the LRC "course" is enabed without the need for a username and password.

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