Online texts

Various sites giving free full-text access to hundreds of out-of-copyright works.

ALEX Catalogue of Electronic Texts
Main focus is on American and English literature and Western philosophy.

Bibliomania: Free Online Literature and Study Guides
Thousands of e-books, poems, articles, short stories and plays.

EServer Drama Collection
Classic and contemporary plays and screenplays, criticism and links to other theatre sites.

EServer Music collection
Resources for the study, composition and enjoyment of music.

First World War Poetry Digital Archive
An online repository of over 7000 items of text, images, audio, and video for teaching, learning, and research.

Internet Archive: Texts
Access to historical collections that exist in digital format.
Access to some 25,534 eBooks.

Online Books Page
A listing of over 35,000 free books on the Web.

Online Library of Liberty
Electronic versions of classic books about individual liberty. There are separate sections
for Music and for Opera. Although there are not many titles, what there is may be useful.

Oxford Text Archive
High-quality digital resources for research and teaching.

Perseus Digital Library
The main collection covers the history, literature and culture of the Greco-Roman world,
but there are other collections e.g. the Renaissance, and 19th century American sources.

Project Gutenberg
The first producer of e-books, multi-disciplinary in scope.

Rare Book Room
An educational site intended to allow the visitor to examine and "read" some of the great
books of the world. The texts are not solely literary: e.g. there are samples of written
music from Beethoven and Mozart.

WWW Virtual Library
Texts and plays online


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