Complete Works of Shakespeare
This site has offered Shakespeare's plays and poetry to the Internet community since 1993.

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Jack Milgram)

Alexander Schmidt Shakespeare Lexicons (Perseus)
Alexander Schmidt's Lexicon and Quotation Dictionary is a painstakingly compiled glossary of every word in the Shakespeare corpus and an exhaustive collection of quotations. It has long been a standard reference work. This online edition is provided via the Perseus Digital Library.

All about William Shakespeare
A useful site (from a slightly unusual source) recommended by Megan. It covers and offers further links to resources on Shakespeare's life, his sonnets and plays, his influence, and performances of his plays.

Getting to know Shakespeare
An on-line course aiming to give a taste of different approaches to Shakespeare presented mainly through video and audio posts and including special guest speakers from the world of the theatre and Shakespeare scholarship.

Henslowe-Alleyn Digitisation Project
The single most important archive on the theatre in the age of Shakespeare comprising 2000 documents including box office receipts, details of payments to playwrights and the only surviving Elizabethan actor's script.

Internet Shakespeare Editions
Scholarly, fully annotated texts of Shakespeare's plays in a form suited to the Internet. Has various sections entitled Foyer, Library (for texts, reference works and essays on Shakespeare), Theater (records of the performance of Shakespeare) and Annex (links to other texts, articles and essays). From the University of Victoria, British Columbia.

Moonstruck Shakespeare page
Plays, films, biographies and studies, and links to further information.

Open Source Shakespeare
The text of all plays, poems and sonnets ordered alphabetically, by genre, by date or by number of lines.
You can also retrieve all lines spoken by a specific character. In addition there is a searchable list of characters, a concordance, and statistics.

Rhymezone: Shakespeare
Access to the works of Shakespeare, as well as the faciltiy to search for specific lines or quotes.

Shakespeare at E-Notes
Pages of content on the life and work of Shakespeare including eNotes to more than 20 titles.

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust
An independent charity which owns and cares for the five Shakespeare Houses, and also Harvard House. The website contains useful information on Shakespeare and his times.

Shakespeare mystery
Contains debates and articles on the 'identity' of Shakespeare, and investigates the theory that he was in fact Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford.

Shakespeare Online
Comprehensive site giving access to texts of the plays and poems, guides to the plots, critical analysis and essays, journals, and information on Shakespeare's theatres and sources.

Shakespeare Resource Center
Collected links to information on William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare in Performance:

BBC Shakespeare Archive
The site contains hundreds of TV and radio programmes from the BBC’s Shakespeare collection, as well as more than a thousand photos from classic Shakespeare productions.The programmes on this site are only available for streamed playback in an educational setting, such as in a classroom, lecture theatre or for academic research. If you have mislaid the username and password please contact the College Librarian.

Global Shakespeares
The Global Shakespeares Video & Performance Archive is an ambitious and collaborative archive, providing online access to striking and original performances of Shakespeare in various cultural and national contexts.

Year of Shakespeare
An interactive, digital project created by the Shakespeare Institute and the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to document and discuss the performances and ideas emerging from the World Shakespeare Festival. The aim of the project is to open up debate about the role of Shakespeare in global culture.

Shakespeare's Globe

Royal Shakespeare Company


The Cleveland Press Shakespeare Images
More than 400 publicity photographs from the Michael Schwartz Library's Cleveland Press Collection all depicting scenes from stage productions, motion pictures and televised productions. While the majority are William Shakespeare’s plays, some derivative productions, such as, Kiss Me Kate and non-Shakespearean period productions, such as, George Bernard Shaw’s Caesar and Cleopatra are also included.

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