Theatre Practitioners

Routledge Performance Archive
Browse through the list of practitioners, from legendary figures to contemporary pioneers.


Odin Teatret
Rehearsal Matters - Interview


Pina Bausch resources page
Pina Basch Archive 


L’Ecole Philippe Gaulier
Website for the school, with a brief history and access to some videos.

Philippe Gaulier's contribution to clown theatre; traces and manifestations 
Amsden, Lucy Catherine Emery (2011)  M.Phil. thesis, University of Birmingham.

Philippe Gaulier
Embracing Lightness: Dispositions, Corporealities and Metaphors in Contemporary Theatre and Performance / Simon Murray
Contemporary Theatre Review (to which we have online access).

Philippe Gaulier:
Jacques Lecoq, Monika Pagneux and Philippe Gaulier: training for play, lightness and disobedience. Chapter 13 in Actor Training by Alison Hodge. On RB shelves at 792.028 HOD


Jerzy Grotowski: The British Grotowski project at the University of Kent
Jerzy Grotowski: Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw

Routledge Practitioners: Grotowski Page
The Work Center of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards
Owen Daly’s Compilation of Source Material on Jerzy Grotowski
Jerzy Grotowski interview 1970 -  Theatre in Video (LRC subscription)
Jerzy Grotowski interview 1973 - Theatre in Video (LRC subscription)
Ryszard Cieslak: The body speaks - Theatre in Video (LRC subscription)


Tadeusz Kantor resources page


Rudolf Laban (from Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music & Dance)
Rudolf Laban archive of Flickr

Rudolf Laban - Digital Dance Archive
Laban Guild


Encyclopedia entry in Digital Theatre + (Joan Littlewood)
YouTube documentary (8mins)
The legacy of Joan Littlewood. BBC Woman's Hour radio broadcast, 6 March 2003.
Joan Littlewood & Theatre workshop (V&A Museum)


Routledge Practitioners: Meyerhold Page
Micro Teatro: Provider of Courses in Biomechanics
Genadi Bogdanov's Work Demonstration of Theatrical Biomechanics
Arts Archive: Meyerhold's biomechanics: a workshop / Alexei Levinski
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Heiner Muller video trailers



Stanislavski Centre
The Stanislavski Centre at Rose Bruford College is a unique initiative within the UK to create a home for both academic research and practice/performance events based upon the work of Konstantin Stanislavski.

Naturalism and Stanislavski
A BBC Bitesize revision guide


SCOT: Suzuki Company of Toga
Study guide to Tadashi Suzuki - Charles Sturt University
EBSCOhost search for Tadashi Suzuki
Remember: even some of the articles that are not full-text here can be found in journals on the library shelves.


Fitzmaurice Voicework
Home of the Fitzmaurice Institute.

Interview with Catherine Fitzmaurice by Saul Kotzubei (SquareSpace)

VASTA (Voice And Speech Training Association): 17.1 (2003)

Roy Hart Theatre Archives
Introduction to the voice work initiated by Alfred Wolfsohn and continued by Roy Hart.

Rudolph Steiner: Speech for the actor
A series of 19 classes by Rudolph Steiner, spoken by Peter Bridgemont.

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