Theatre companies

Border Crossings
Artistic director: Michael Walling who directs and teaches regularly at Rose Bruford.

Bred in the Bone
A gathering of theatre makers from England, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Poland and Spain dedicated to bringing together and exploring their diverse theatre traditions. Matthieu Bellon, a Rose Bruford tutor, is artistic director.

Burning Oak Theatre Company and Burning Oak - Facebook page
Burning Oak was conceived as a company where young actors, reaching the end of their training, could continue to develop their craft - a company that acts as a bridge between the conservatoire / laboratory and the professional theatre.
The intention is to discover, develop and present new work, by new young writers, with a core company of new young actors – to take what is raw and fresh and give it shape and form. Currently under the auspices of Julian Jones, with young actors from Rose Bruford College.

Forced Entertainment
A Sheffield-based group of six artists exploring what theatre and performance can mean in contemporary life.

Handspring Puppet Company
Handspring Puppet Company is widely recognized as South Africa’s pre-eminent puppet theatre company whose work spans three decades of creating theatre for adults and children. Recently, the run-away hit play War Horse, produced by The Royal National Theatre in London, has established Handspring as one of the most important puppet companies in the world.

Horse + Bamboo Theatre Company
Based in Rossendale, working with masks, puppets, music and story-telling and now with the addition of film and animation.

Kathakali Theatre Company
The Company was established in Kerala, India in 1987, then extended world wide, to establish an international foundation in the UK.

Made from Scratch Theatre

Optik Performance

Pan Intercultural Arts
A dynamic London-based arts company using intercultural performance work to help facilitate self-expression and promote deeper understanding of our changing cultural identities.

Red Ladder Theatre Company
Founded in 1968 in London, Red Ladder has a colourful history. It spans 40 years, rooted in the radical socialist theatre movement in Britain known as agitprop, via feminist theatre to the company's current position.

Smoking Apples Theatre
The company formed in the summer of 2009 through their mutual love of puppetry, physical and visual theatre with the collective desire to reach an adult imagination and creatively inspire it. Alongside its own projects, Smoking Apples continues to collaborate with Kinetika as freelance puppeteers. The company's debut was at Rose Bruford College's "Symposium" in 2010 with Whispers from a Wandering Tent .

Welfare State International
On 1 April 2006 Welfare State International came to the end of its 38-year journey.      John Fox stepped down as Artistic Director and the name Welfare State International has been archived. A physical archive is being created within the Theatre Collection at Bristol University. This website is being maintained by Dead Good Guides as a continuing digital archive of Welfare State International.

European Theatre Companies

Els Joglars

Théâtre du Soleil

US Theatre Companies

Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute

Take Wing and Soar
Take Wing and Soar twitter account

: YouTube: Women of Shakespeare
Take Wing and Soar: Hamlet – Meet the company


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