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Berg Fashion Library
10 volume reference work (Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion) covering fashion around the world, plus online access to the Berg Fashion Library: reference works, e-books, seminal writings, image collections, and museum directory.

Vogue & Vogue Archive
A complete searchable archive of American Vogue, from the first issue in 1892 to the current month, reproduced in high-resolution color page images. Every page, advertisement, cover and fold-out has been included, with rich indexing enabling you to find images by garment type, designer and brand names.

British Vogue Fashion shows - News updates and photos from key collections back to the Autumn/Winter 2001-02 season.

Art and Culture Network - Fashion design - A cross-disciplinary gateway to the world of contemporary arts. The section on design arts covers fashion, advertising, and graphic, industrial, information and interior design.

Costume Gallery
Hosts over 10,000 web pages, 45,000 images, and two databases of fashion and costume history.
You can purchase a short term subscription to this if you wish to see more than thumbnail images.
The Library does not yet have a group subscription, but is investigating this.

The Costume Page
A large collection of links to costume-related resources, created and maintained by Julie Zetterberg Sardo, Seattle, Washington.

Costumer's Manifesto
Resources for costume created by Tara Maginnis.

Fashion Era
Fashion-era contains 755 content rich, illustrated pages of Fashion History, Costume History, Clothing, Fashions and Social History.

Fashion Museum (Bath)
The Fashion Museum collection was started by Doris Langley Moore, a collector, costume designer and author. She gave her collection to the city of Bath in 1963, and Bath City Council used it to found the Museum of Costume. The collection is now three times its original size and the museum changed its name to the Fashion Museum in 2007.

London College of Fashion Archive - from VADS

V&A: Stage costume
Over 3,500 stage costumes and accessories from the V&A collection.

VADS: Visual Arts Data Service
VADS is the online resource for visual arts comprising over 100,000 images that are freely available and copyright cleared for use in learning, teaching and research in the UK.
Collections in VADS include:
Constance Howard Resource and Research Centre in Textiles
Frederick Parker Chair Collection
High Wycombe Furniture Archive
London College of Fashion: College Archive
London College of Fashion: Cordwainers Shoe Collection
London College of Fashion: Gala Archive
London College of Fashion: Paper Patterns
London College of Fashion: Victor Stiebel Archive
London College of Fashion: The Woolmark Company
The Textiles Collection: University for the Creative Arts at Farnham

It also includes Fabrics Forming Society
images and texts intended to stimulate investigation, structured as an image database comprising sources relating to textile design and dress in Britain from the 1940s to the 1960s.

WWW Virtual Library: Fashion

HAT: History of Advertising Trust
A physical archive of the advertising industry, with a smaller online collection including TV commercials, hand-painted advertising and an online gallery.

The Spectacular female body - Subtitled "Dress, fashion and modernity in Victorian women's magazines". Illustrated essays on the reform of women's dress in the 19th century and a seminar adapted from a lecture that was presented at the Locating the Victorians Conference, hosted by the Science Museum, London, in July 2001. Copyright Kay Boardman.

Body Modification:

Bodies of culture: a world tour of body modification
Exhibition showing historical examples of body modification including tattooing, piercing and body painting.

Tattoos, piercings and body markings
National Geographic feature, with photographs by Chris Rainier.


Bexhill Museum of Costume and Social History

The Museum of Costume, Bath


National Theatre: Discover

RSC: Behind the Scenes

Rose Bruford Costume Production course:


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