Theatre crafts - Lighting design / control

Resources for lighting design.


ABTT: Technical Information on Theatres
From the Association of British Theatre Technicians, technical details on over 200 UK theatres.

Brief outline of the history of stage lighting
Larry Wild, Northern State University.

National Theatre
This is the website of the Royal National Theatre (NT), South Bank, London. The site also provides profiles of backstage departments, such as costume, graphics, lighting, sound, stage management and scripts.

Professional Lighting Resources - Bill Williams and Associates
Includes World Lighting links, the Lighting Library, a History of Light and Lighting and Stage Lighting 101.

Stage Lighting Museum
Includes sections on history, technology and visual effects

Stage Lighting for Students
From the Stage Lighting Primer by Jeffrey E. Salzberg with Judy Kupferman - Lighting

Theatrical Lighting Design Web Sites
From the University of Minnesota Duluth.


Beyond James Turrell: 10 other artists who use light as a medium

Dan Flavin (The Art Story)

Dan Flavin: Pulitzer Arts


Olafur Eliasson studio

Olafur Eliasson: Playing with space & light

Olafur Eliasson: The Weather project

Adolphe Appia & Edward Gordon Craig

Taylor & Francis website: Palmer, Scott. A ‘choréographie’ of light and space: Adolphe Appia and the first scenographic turn. Theatre and Performance Design 1.1/2 (2015)

TheatreArts Theatre is Style: Adolphe Appia and Edward Gordon Craig 

TheatreCrafts: Lighting practitioners


ALD: Association of Lighting Design
CIBSE: Chartered Institute of Building Services Engineering
SILL Society of Light and Lighting
PLASA: Professional Lighting and Sound Association
USITT: United States Institute of Theatre Technicians


Bright lights, big city (First Edition)
Broadcast: Carlton TV, Tuesday, 16 Feb 1999 (25mins).
Top lighting designers discuss how London’s landmarks could be transformed at night with a co-ordinated lighting plan. Mike Simpson experimentally illuminates various sites.

Light Fantastic: the science of colour

The Institute of Physics produces annual Schools and Colleges' lectures. Prof. Pete Vukusic from the School of Physics at Exeter University delivers the 2007 lecture

1. Light Fantastic: Let there be light
Episode one shows how much of modern science’s origins came from the desire to penetrate the divine nature of light.

2. Light Fantastic: The light of reason
Episode 2 explores the link between the development of practical tools that manipulate light and the emergence of new ideas.

3. Light Fantastic: The stuff of light
Episode three charts the discovery of the true nature of light and its impact on the modern world.

4. Light Fantastic: light, the universe and everything
In the final programme Simon Schaffer finds that as more people were able to manipulate light, the more puzzling and tricky it became.

QED - The Elephant Man: the true story of Joseph Merrick (aired on the BBC, 1997)

Brecht's Baal - David Bowie Hymn (YouTube)

Baal - review - Theatre Notes


PLASA seminars 1993:
Automated lighting; Control transmission; Dichroics vs gels; Discharge lighting

PLASA - miscellaneous
Roger Pacter on Dry ice (PLASA 1996), Inappropriate styles, STLD-TV lighting (Talk to the experts)

PLASA 1995: The job of being a lighting designer
PLASA 1995: Discussion on the art of lighting

Maurice Marshal: Lighting design and the role of the chief electrician
Maurice Marshall, Chief electrician at Northcott Theatre, Exeter, talking at the ALD meeting, December 1996.

Careers and training?

Practitioners on Practice: Geraint Pughe on Lighting Design  
Lighting designer and teacher Geraint Pughe discusses training, both his own and his pupils, and reveals the three basic principles of lighting - understanding the space, creating mood and knowing how to use special effects.

ALD: So you want to be a lighting designer?

On Stage Lighting - lighting plans

The Light Network - online forum for lighting professionals

Standards & practices

ESTA: Recommended practice for ethernet cabling systems in entertainment lighting applications

Companies and Products - Manufacturers

ALCORA user manual (pdf)

ARRI consoles (ETC sold consoles to ARRI who rebranded them)

AVAB Expert v2.00+ user manual (pdf)

Avolites: Stage lighting control

CCT Lighting (took over Furse Theatre Products in 1988)

Chilli HF Dimmers: Manual Issue 8

Clay Paky: Golden Scan HPE manual (pdf)

DEMUX 48 user manual (pdf)

DHA Digital Light Curtain: Hardware notes & Light Moves software manual (pdf)

DHA Four channel DC Controller DMX instruction manual (pdf)

DMX512 FAQs (from USITT)

ELARA user manual (pdf)

ETC Electronic Theatre Controls

Expression 3 Lighting control system, version 3.1 (pdf)

GENIUS lighting control software user manual (pdf)

ILLUSION 500 operating manual (pdf)

JANDS Event V3 user manual

JANDS Hog 500/1000 operating manual (pdf)

JANDS Wholehog II handbook version 3.2 (pdf)

JEM Techno-Fog user guide (pdf)

MX-1 user manual (pdf)

PANI Projection and Lighting

PARADIM Light Processor

RAINBOW colour changers manuals

SIRIUS 24 and 48 operator manual (pdf)

STRAND Light Control 200 console operator’s manual (pdf)

VARI*LITE: Controlling VARI*LITE equipment using a DMX512 console (pdf)

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