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On Design: Colin Richmond (from Digital Theatre Plus)
Designer Colin Richmond discusses his work on set and costumes for Nikolai Foster's 2013 production of Jonathan Harvey's seminal play Beautiful Thing.

On Design: Ian MacNeil (from Digital Theatre Plus)
Theatre designer Ian MacNeil speaks to Digital Theatre Plus about his creative response to A Doll’s House. He focuses on the practical craft of theatre design, the editorial nature of his role and his contribution to dictating the rhythm of the story performed on stage. 

On Design: Merle Hensel
(from Digital Theatre Plus)
Merle Hensel chats about the collaborative nature of the creative design process and how she developed her ideas that shaped the visual landscape for Lovesong.

On Design: Anthony Ward (from Digital Theatre Plus)
Award-winning theatre designer Anthony Ward talks about what motivates him to create his work, the challenges of the job and adjusting to working with new technology.

On Design: Tom Piper (from Digital Theatre Plus)
Tom Piper, Associate Designer of the RSC, talks to us about his role in creating a production. He speaks in depth about the research that goes into creating a world on stage and the training, skills and experience required to design a stage production. We learn of the importance of the design role to the storytelling process and his intention to allow the tale to unfold over time.

On Design: Tom Scutt (from Digital Theatre Plus)
Tom Scutt takes us through the creative challenges of designing a play as epic as King Lear in the intimate space of the Almeida Theatre. 

On Design: Michael Vale (from Digital Theatre Plus)
Designer Michael Vale illuminates the theatre design process and discusses the creative challenges he faced working on The Comedy of Errors with the RSC.

On Design: Francis O'Connor (from Digital Theatre Plus)
Francis O'Connor speaks to us about designing Macbeth. He discusses his role as a designer looking at the importance of creating a space to play, as the starting point to creating the world of the story. 

On Theatre Design: Max Jones (from Digital Theatre Plus)
Max Jones was the set and costume designer on Phillip Breen's revival production of Sam Shepard's True West. Jones shares his experience of having a multifaceted creative role and details how the American road movie genre inspired him to produce a filmic aesthetic within a theatre space.

Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space
The world's largest event dedicated to scenography and theatre architecture.

Bettmann Archive
More than 100 years of history through stock photography in the prestigious Bettmann Archive. The archive is a compilation of Dr. Otto Bettmann’s life’s work and the United Press International Photo Archive — more than 11 million photographs from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Bridgeman Images
Bridgeman Images works with museums, galleries, collections and artists to provide a central resource of fine art and archive footage for reproduction to creative professionals. Amongst the collections are images related to theatre, ballet, actors, plays, opera, scenery, and a separate section devoted to Shakespeare. But please bear in mind that Bridgeman Images is primarily a site selling images for more commercial use, and clearing copyright and reproduction rights.

Designing Shakespeare - an AHDS (Arts & Humanities Data Service) project.

Development of scenic spectacle
A site devoted to the study of Renaissance and Baroque theatrical spectacle - from Appalachian State University.

Digital Library for the Decorative Arts & Material Culture
Compiled by the University of Wisconsin-Madison this resource gives access to digital primary resources, facsimiles, and images.

Harvard Digital Collections
A large digital archive with collections representing a variety of artistic and design styles, including a collection of Russian theatre designs.

Library of Congress: Prints and Photographs online catalogue
The Prints and Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC) contains catalog records and digital images representing a rich cross-section of still pictures held by the Prints & Photographs Division and, in some cases, other units of the Library of Congress. The Library of Congress offers broad public access to these materials as a contribution to education and scholarship.

Scenography – the theatre design website
The world’s primary news and editorial source for theatre design professionals

VADS: Visual Arts Data Service

V&A: Theatre and Performance Galleries

The life and work of Richard Negri
A web resource for theatre studies students and researchers providing a broad range of material covering the life and work of Richard Negri, the eminent theatre designer and influential teacher whose vision propelled the extraordinary Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester into existence in 1976. The site also aims to offer a particular insight into aspects of the development of theatre design professional practice during the second half of the twentieth century.

Architecture and the art of theatre design / Richard Pilbow
Richard Pilbrow presents a session on theatre design. 
Part of the PLASA Professional Development Programme 2012

Joseph Urban stage design models and documents : stabilization and access project
Hosted by Columbia University Libraries, the website provides background information about the Joseph Urban stage design models and documents: stabilization and access project which aims to preserve material relating to Joseph Urban's New York theatre career from 1914-1933. The project specifically covers the documentation of Urban's productions for the Ziegfeld Follies and other theatre producers and his productions for the Metropolitan Opera. The website contains illustrated essays, an index to projects and productions, finding aid with images, and images of models for stage sets such as a garden scene for "Don Giovanni" (1929).

Laura Thatcher on the illusion of theatre
This online article on 'Stage Designs' has been written by Laura Thatcher, stage manager, English National Opera, for the Courtauld Institute of Art's website Art and Architecture. Each section has mainly 18th and 19th century drawings by architects, engineers and set designers to illustrate the text which considers the idea to design to stage, backcloths, cloth or wood, sections of scenery, flats, trucks, painting and dressing a set and scenery in rehearsals. A useful glossary of terms is also provided.

10 best theatre designs - in pictures (Guardian) 
The Observer's theatre critic chooses the 10 sets that changed the face of modern theatre, from a 1912 Hamlet to Punchdrunk's immersive Faust.

e-architect: theatre buildings

Globe Theatre architecture

Guardian article: The art of designing theatres

 The Theatres Trust: History of theatres

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