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792.09438 Polish theatre in general, and Kantor specifically
891.85 Polish literature
940.5315 World War II
943.8 Polish history

You should also check both the main DVD collection as there is a special 4-DVD set, and the Arts Archives videos and DVDs.


Kitowska-Łysiak, Małgorzata. Tadeusz Kantor Polish Culture website (2002, updated 2010) <> Accessed: 2 Feb. 2011.

JSTOR search
A search on JSTOR for Tadeusz Kantor brings up 54 articles (January 2011).
The issue of TDR (The Drama Review) vol.30, no.3 (1986) has many articles on Tadeusz Kantor.

Kobialka, Michael. "The Milano lessons" by Tadeusz Kantor: Introduction TDR 35.4 (1988): 136-147.

Kobialka, Michael. Bibliography: writings by and about Tadeusz Kantor. TDR 30.3 (1986): 184-198.

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Kantor, Tadeusz. Texts, essays and intimate commentaries. Performing Arts Journal (PAJ), 16.2 (1994): 19-45.

Kobialka, Michael. Tadeusz Kantor’s practice: a postmodern notebook. PAJ: a journal of performance and art, 82 (2006): 20-28.


Centre for the documentation of the art of Tadeusz Kantor

Kabaret Kantor
In August 2010 Rose Bruford staff and students took Kabaret Kantor to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Here is one review of that show.

Google images
A simple search on Google Images for Tadeusz Kantor.

You Tube
A simple search on You Tube for videos of Tadeusz Kantor.

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