Acting and the Voice

Speech for the actor (audio-files)
A series of 19 classes by Rudolf Steiner, spoken by Peter Bridgmont.

How to do Accents
100 audio files to accompany the book How to do accents by Edda Sharpe

Routledge Performance Archive 
There are sections on practitioners (including our own Niamh Dowling);
There are commentaries on the ideas and principles behind the documented work (including some by Alexei Kokkali); and there is a subject section on things like comedy, performance art, political theatre etc.

Andre Droznin Physical Actor training

Drama Online: PATAZ: Physical Actor Training

Jay O'Callahan - storyteller

Urban Scrawl
Urban Scrawl was the biggest online drama project of 2009, and its legacy is this website. Initiated by Dominic Cavendish, founding editor of, it brought that theatre-dedicated website, Rose Bruford College and new writing powerhouse Theatre 503 into a strategic partnership, with the aim of producing 53 high quality pod-cast dramas, each based on a station-stop on the Piccadilly Line.

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