2.11 ICT, Priniting and Photocopying Facilities

NB VTs working on fee contacts may need to refer to the Programme Director for advice on printing and photocopying.

There are a couple of open access computers in the main library for individual, silent study, and a much larger number of computers in the IT room, many with specialist software.

The library has two printer/copiers, but there are a number of other machines around the College and any of them can be used for copying or to retrieve printing. No machine is linked to any specific computer. Instead the College operates a “Find me” system whereby your work is released wherever you swipe your student card.


It is expected that you will have read, and will comply with, all UK copyright regulations. If you are in any doubt about what you can or cannot photocopy, you should seek the advice of the library staff.


While Library staff can advise on printing and photocopying, they are not computer experts and may need to refer you on to the IT team if they cannot help you. The ICT Help Desk is located next to the Library entrance.

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