4.3 Written Work

Over the course of their studies students summit a variety of written work. These may be traditional academic essays, reports or portfolios. In many cases these are reflective responses to practical work. Depending on the exact nature of the submission, the level of traditional academic engagement may vary. However, generally there is an expectation that students will have engaged with appropriate literature and can demonstrate a level of research to support their discourse.


In submitting written work students are advised to consult the College’s Style Guidelines and the various resources and guides to writing on the VLE. The Style Guidelines offers advice on approaches to the various types of written submission and referencing conventions. From 2016, the College is moving to the Harvard system of referencing. However, students sometimes struggle with the complexities of referencing and citation (see discussion on poor academic practice below) and the practice of most tutors is that as long as it clear that the student has made an attempt to reference appropriately using the College guidelines and is consistent throughout, this is acceptable.

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