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When uploading images or video content for inclusion on websites or e-portfolios, including Mahara, please be aware that the larger the uploaded file, the more valuable space it takes up on the server. We therefore recommend you limit your image and video sizes as follows:



  • Use jpg or jpeg file types for universal compatibility. The quality should be set to a maximum of 90% to keep the file size down

  • If you need transparency, then the png file type is required, but be aware that this increases file size
  • Horizontal (landscape) – 1,024 x 512px (pixels)
  • Vertical (portrait) – 800 x 1,200 px

These dimensions will render reasonably well on all platforms and at most resolutions.

The important dimension here is the largest one, so your horizontal images should be no wider than 1,024 px whatever their height and your vertical images should be no taller than 1,200 px whatever their width.

Most image viewing apps have a size adjustment tool built in.  However, there are also a number of online tools that do the job, including:



  • Use the mp4 file type for universal compatibility
  • Horizontal (landscape) – 504 x 283 px

Again, the important dimension here is the largest one, so any video you upload should be no wider than 504 px. 

There are several free media encoding and manipulation tools available that might be useful for reducing video sizes including Apple’s QuickTime, HandBrake and VLC Media Player.  These may well offer video compression settings specifically for use on the web.  However, there are also some online tools that will do the job, including:



PDF files are also sometimes oversized.  This can be due to embedded images sizes, so care should always be taken when compiling these documents.  However, these files can also be compressed using Adobe software or other third-part software including:

  • Adobe Acrobat – Save As dialogue
  • Mac – Export dialogue
  • PDF Compressor for Windows

You can also open the file in Adobe Reader – free on all platforms – and from the Print dialogue, Print to PDF.  Explore the settings to achieve your required file size and optimisation.

As before, online tools are also available:




File Naming Conventions

In consultation with colleagues, including those in Programme Admin, we recommend the following naming conventions for the submission of assignments and the return of marks:


Surname - First name - Module - Unit - Year

  Simpson Mark SM504 Written 2017-18



Surname - First name - Module - Unit - Year - Marker’s initials

  Simpson Mark SM504 Written 2017-18 MS

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