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Bandele-Thomas, Biyi  Bad boy blues
Broadcast: BBC2, 1995.
Written by 'Biyi Bandele-Thomas ; directed by Andy Wilson ; produced by Gub Neal.
Starring Clive Owen and Maynard Eziashi.

Beckett, Samuel Waiting for Godot   
Broadcast: FilmFour, Mon 2 February 2004 (115 mins).
Michael Lindsay-Hogg directs Beckett’s first and most famous stage play. A tragicomedy in which two tramps await the mysterious Godot, who never actually turns up. In their conversation, they express their hopes and fears, laughter and tears, and commonplace storytelling.
The cast are regulars from Dublin’s renowned Gate Theatre

Bond, Edward: Olly's prison (pts 1 & 2)
Broadcast: BBC2, May 1993
A hard and painful vision of a selfish and disconnected society from which is it impossible to escape: a man who has killed his daughter and forgotten his crime tries to find meaning in his life.
Starring Bernard Hill.

Bunyan, Carol: Sorry (Play for Today)
Written by Carol Bunyan; directed by Alistair Clarke.
Two very different ladies share an office, a common enemy, and a sense of humour. Sorry follows them through a working day and their very different, and in one case traumatic,' lunch hour '.

Butterworth, Jez: Mojo
Broadcast: BBC2, Saturday, 22 Oct 2011 (85mins).
Drama centring on a nightclub singer in 1950s London, who is tipped for success. The owner of the nightclub and a local gangster compete to control the singer’s career, their rivalry eventually leading to murder.

Chekhov, Anton: The seagull
A Warner Bros-Seven Arts 1968 British-American-Greek film directed by Sidney Lumet with screenplay by Moura Budberg, and starring James Mason and Vanessa Redgrave.

Chekhov, Anton: The three sisters
Thames TV 1981 screening of a filmed version of the Royal Shakespeare Company in a production by Trevor Nunn. With Janet Dale, Suzanne Bertish and Emily Richard.

Churchill, Caryl: Top girls
Broadcast: BBC 1991
1982 production from the Royal Court theatre, about the impact of Capitalism on woman.

Fo, Dario: Accidental death of an anarchist
Adapted by Gavin Richards (Belt & Braces Theatre Company). Channel 4: 1984.

Fo, Dario: Mistero buffo (in Italian)
Teatro Lirico di Milano, with Dario Fo and Franca Rame in The best of

Ford, John: 'Tis pity she's a whore
Broadcast: BBC2, 1980, directed by Roland Joffe.(2hours 10mins - incomplete)
’Tis Pity She’s a Whore tells the tale of an incestuous love between Giovanni and his sister Annabella that ends in disaster and death.

Frayn, Michael: Copenhagen
Broadcast: BBC4 August 2003 (90mins).
In 1941 the German physicist Werner Heisenberg made a strange trip to Copenhagen to see his Danish counterpart, Niels Bohr. They were old friends and close colleagues, and they had revolutionised atomic physics in the 1920s with their work together on quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle. But now the world had changed, and the two men were on opposite sides in a world war. The meeting was fraught with danger and embarrassment, and ended in disaster.

Griffiths, Trevor: The party
Broadcast: BBC1 Tuesday, 8 Mar 1988, 21:30 (120mins).
10 May 1968. In Paris the barricades are about to burst into flames as students and police clash. In London the fashionable Left are having a dialogue.      

Hare, David: My zinc bed
Adaptation of a David Hare play broadcast on BBC2, 27 August 2007.
It explores the nature of addiction – be it to drink, to relationships, or to business.
Starring Uma Thurman, Jonathan Pryce and Paddy Considine. (70 mins).

Ibsen: Hedda
RSC production starring Glenda Jackson ; directed by Trevor Nunn.

Ibsen: Hedda Gabler
BBC2 production of Henrik Ibsen's play, with Fiona Shaw as Hedda Gabler.

In the bleak midwinter  (released in the USA as A Midwinter’s Tale)
Broadcast: Sunday, 16 Feb 2003, 02:00 (100 mins) Channel 4
British comedy drama in which an out-of-work actor gathers together an eccentric troupe of fellow thespians for an unusual production of Hamlet in an abandoned country church. Hindered by a low budget, he is only able to recruit misfit actors for the project, and backstage relations are far from smooth.

Kushner, Tony:  Angels in America: Millennium approaches
Broadcast: Channel 4, Sat  7 February 2004 (195mins).
Award-winning mini-series set in Reagan-era New York following the inter-connected lives of a group of people affected by the AIDS crisis. Adapted by Tony Kushner. Directed by Mike Nichols.

Kushner, Tony: Angels in America: Perestroika
Broadcast: Channel 4, Sun  8 February 2004 (210mins).
Award-winning mini-series set in Reagan-era New York following the inter-connected lives of a group of people affected by the AIDS crisis. Adapted by Tony Kushner. Directed by Mike Nichols.

Kwei-Armah, Kwame Elmina's kitchen
Broadcast: Tuesday, 21 Oct 2008, 22:30 (90 mins). 
Set in a shabby West Indian cafe on Hackney’s murder mile. In an area controlled by Yardies, one man’s life is a daily battle to maintain an honest living, provide a stable life for his troublesome son, and make a platform to finally step up to his woman

Leigh, Mike

Mike Leigh: Abigail's party
Broadcast: BBC4 on Sun 28 October 2007 (105mins).
Comedy of manners focusing on the bourgeois affectation and sexual frustration of a young married couple.

Mike Leigh: Another year
Broadcast: 21 Sep 2015, 00:45 (160 mins) on FilmFour
Keenly-observed comedy drama from Mike Leigh taking a look at four seasons in the lives of a happily married couple and their relationships with their family and friends

Mike Leigh: Happy go lucky
Broadcast: 22 Feb 2018, 23:20 (140 mins) on FilmFour
Slice-of-life comedy-drama centred around the fortunes of a cheery 30-year-old primary school teacher living in Camden.

Mike Leigh: Nuts in May
Broadcast: 1 Dec 2014, 22:00 (80 mins).
Light-hearted drama about a possessive husband who takes his timorous wife on a camping holiday.

Mike Leigh: Secrets and lies
Broadcast: 8 Feb 2018, 01:10 (170 mins) on FilmFour
Intense emotional drama about family relationships. Following the death of her adoptive parents, a young black optometrist seeks out her natural mother - and finds that she is white.

Loach, Ken: Family life 
directed by Ken Loach ; screenplay by David Mercer. BBC2, 1972.

McGrath, John: Blood red roses
Broadcast: December 1986 (Freeway Films/Lorimar) for Channel 4.
Produced by Steve Clark-Hall and starring  Elizabeth MacLennan (Bessie Gordon), James Grant (Sandy) and Gregor Fisher (Alex McGuigan).
After her beloved father's death in 1986, Bessie McGuigan recalls her early life in Scotland, especially her school days, first job, and marriage to Communist shop steward Alex McGuigan, played out against the wider political and class struggles of the times.

Middleton, Thomas & William Rowley: The changeling
Broadcast: 11 December 1993 as part of the Performance series.
Directed by Simon Curtis and adapted by Michael Hastings.
Starring Bob Hoskins, Elizabeth McGovern, Leslie Phillips & Hugh Grant.
Just days before her wedding, Beatrice-Joanna has a chance encounter with Alsemero, and realizes that she has met her one true love. To marry the man she loves, she persuades the love-struck henchman De Flores to murder her fiance, but does not anticipate the tragic consequences of her actions.

Miller, Arthur: Death of a salesman
A 1985 American made-for-television, film-adaptation of the Arthur Miller play, directed by Volker Schlöndorff, starring Dustin Hoffman, Kate Reid, John Malkovich, Stephen Lang and Charles Durning. The film follows the script of the 1949 play almost exactly and originally premiered on CBS on August 16, 1985.

Nearly famous
Six-part drama series following the fortunes of a group of performing arts students.
Filmed at Rose Bruford College.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6

Ninagawa Macbeth
NINAGAWA Macbeth was first seen in the UK at the Edinburgh International Festival in 1985 and subsequently as part of International 87 at the National Theatre in London. The production came to be recognised as an epoch-making piece and Ninagawa himself as a world-class director.

Ninagawa Medea
Directed by Yukio Ninagawa

O'Neill, Eugene: Strange interlude

Tony Harrison's English version of the Oresteia trilogy by Aeschylus, designed by Jocelyn Herbert, with music by Harrison Birtwistle and directed by Peter Hall.

Osbourne, John: The entertainer


Macbeth on the estate
BBC2: Saturday, 5 Apr 1997 (85mins)
Producer Alison Gilby ; Director Penny Woolcock.
Shakespeare’s tragedy updated to the present day by documentary-maker Penny Woolcock, and set on an inner-city council estate. The play, filmed on Birmingham’s Ladywood Estate, features local people alongside some of Britain’s most promising young actors.

Ninagawa Macbeth
NINAGAWA Macbeth was first seen in the UK at the Edinburgh International Festival in 1985 and subsequently as part of International 87 at the National Theatre in London. The production came to be recognised as an epoch-making piece and Ninagawa himself as a world-class director.

Broadcast: ITV2, Sun 31 August 2003 (120mins). 
In Andrew Davies’s contemporary reworking of Shakespeare’s play, Othello is the new Metropolitan Police commissioner and Jago his jealous colleague. When Othello caps professional success with marriage to the lovely Dessie, Jago begins scheming against his former friend and protégé.

Shakespeare night: Shakespeare on the estate
Broadcast: BBC4 Saturday, 28 Jun 2003, 22:15 (50 mins)
Theatre director Michael Bogdanov spent three weeks trying to persuade the residents of Birmingham’s Ladywood estate to rehearse and perform some of Shakespeare’s work. He wanted to see whether it would be possible for the bard’s message to survive the transition and come alive amongst the tower blocks in a truly popularist environment - as was originally envisaged.

Twelfth Night
Broadcast on Channel 4, S4C on Fri 22 October 2004 (105mins).
Contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s comedy about identical twins Sebastien and Viola, who are separated from each other after a shipwreck.
Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor; Michael Maloney; Parminder Nagra

Storey, David Pasmore (Play for Today)
Written by David Storey; directed by Richard Eyre.

She plays
Short plays by women new to TV.

She Play 1: Dancing in the dark / Atima Arivastava (Channel 4, 1990)
She Play 3: Hug / Maria Oshodi (Channel 4, 1990)
She Play 4: The necklace / Donna Franceschild (Channel 4, 1990)
She Play-5: All about Laure / Paula Khan (Channel 4, 1990)
She Play 6: Bathing Elizabeth / Marty Cruickshank (Channel 4, 1990)

Tolstoy, Leo The power of darkness
An RBC production

Uncle Toms's cabin
Filmed 1987; Broadcast: 27 Oct 2006, 13:30 (130mins) on Channel 5.
Ambitious adaptation of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s classic story about courageous Uncle Tom, who risks his own life to help fellow slaves reach freedom.

Zecora Ura

Don't feed the lions
Jorge Lopes Ramos (Zecora Ura). Performed in the men's toilets, Rose Bruford College.
Review: http://www.britishtheatreguide.info/reviews/dontfeed-rev lick to add a description

Honey Baby
Jorge Lopes Ramos (Zecora Ura). Performed on a South-East train from London to Sidcup and back.

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