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Clive Barker (1931-2005) was the author of Theatre Games, and a teacher, writer and co-editor of New Theatre Quarterly.
The collection consists of books on many theatre topics, files of correspondence, programmes and scripts, record and video recordings,
and extensive sequences of theatre journals. There are unique collections on the Theatre Workshop and Centre 42.

Clive Barker – catalogue search
Go to Rose Bruford College (from left-hand menu); Select Bexley as the Authority and Rose bruford as the branch. Enter Clive Barker in the keyword search. You should get some 2700+ hits.

Clive Barker box file contents
[A detailed list of the contents of the 200+ box files containing Clive Barker's papers. NB: There are still some gaps that are being filled e.g. the contents list only starts at Box 28 at present.].

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