Noel Greig archive

Headshot photo of Noel Greig, playwright

Noel Greig (1944-2009) was an influential actor and playwright who co-founded The Brighton Combination, worked with The General Will and was a key member of Gay Sweatshop, later writing extensively for and with young people through Theatre Centre and many other companies. RBC is honoured to hold an archive of material related to Noel Greig’s work, which includes scripts, reviews, publicity material, video recordings and research materials. The material also includes:

  • Copies of Noel Greig’s published scripts and other works.
  • Copies of Noel Greig’s many unpublished scripts as well as works in development, early drafts, songs and sketches.
  • Audio and video recordings of many of Noel Greig’s plays in production.
  • Extensive collection on Noel Greig’s play Poppies including its productions in Germany (Klatschmohn), US and Australia (as On Parliament Hill).
  • Extensive collection of reviews and flyers of Noel Greig’s own plays as well as of his work as an actor and director.
  • Materials on gay culture general
  • Material from New Writing projects including Transmissions (Birminham Rep), Authentic Voices (Theatre Centre)
  • Material on international projects including Contacting the World and The Entire World is a Foreign Land (Singapore)
  • Material on The Deal Theatre Project
  • 33 unframed and 16 framed posters

For full list of papers in the Noel Greig archive click here.

Other related material is held in the Gay Sweatshop archive at Royal Holloway, University of London. Royal Holloway Theatre Archives.

Noel Greig was interviewed by the project Unfinished Histories: Recording the History of the Alternative Theatre Movement in 2008. For details of the project, Noel’s interview and where to view the full 5-hour interview go to:


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