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Pam Schweitzer was centrally involved in the burgeoning Theatre-in-Education movement in Britain in the 1970s. She edited three key collections for Infants, Junior and Secondary schoolchildren and collected scripts and workpacks from many of the theatre companies active across the country as part of that working process and wrote a report on Theatre-in-Education for the Arts Council in 1975. The archive includes photos, booking material teachers’ packs, annual reports and scripts. It includes material on or scripts by companies including:

Belgrade Theatre Coventry Theatre in Education;
Humberside Theatre  TIE;
York Theatre Royal Young People’s Theatre Company;
M6 Theatre Company ;
Cockpit Arts Workshop ;
TIE Company Octagon Theatre Bolton;
Theatre Centre;
Dukes’ Playhouse Lancaster TIE;
Leeds Playhouse TIE Co;
The Bowsprit Company (Greenwich YPT);
Ludus Dance in Education;
Experience Young People’s Theatre Company
Drama-in-Education Wakefield
It complements the archive of her later work on reminiscence theatre and artistic directorship of Age Exchange, placed with University of Greenwich.

Pam Schweitzer was interviewed jointly for the projects Unfinished Histories: Recording the History of the Alternative Theatre Movement and Theatre Memory in 2016. For details of the project, Pam Schweitzer and where to view the full interview go to:

A detailed catalogue of Pam Schweitzer’s archive is available here.

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