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The following resources from the Cockpit Theatre-in-Education Archive are available to view:

Bhanji, Annalyn, Biddy Coghill, Harry Duffin, Mike Kenny, Wyllie Longmore, Gail McIntyre, Christine Murdoch & Paul Swift: Raj. Oxford: Cotswold Press, 1984. Leeds Playhouse Theatre in Education Company.

John, Malcolm (ed.): Music Drama in Schools. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1971. Includes:

  • Drayton, Paul & Humphrey Carpenter: “A Preparatory School Approach.”;
  • Du Pre, Iris: “A Middle School Project.”;
  • Wildman, David & Harry W. Jackson: “A Secondary Modern Musical.”;
  • Thomson, Robert & Malcolm John: “Realism and Fantasy.”;
  • Welburn, W.A.N. & Eric A. Bryce: “A Musica Play.”;
  • Weeks, Derek: “From Improvisation into Drama.”;
  • Tunnicliffe, Hilary & Stephen Tunnicliffe: “A Scripted Ballad Opera.”;
  • Birbeck, Rosemary, Judith Rosemary & Stuart Bennett: “Theatre in Education.”

“MARCHES – from Jarrow to Cable Street: Script.” Cockpit Theatre-in-Education, 1977.

“MARCHES – from Jarrow to Cable Street: Background Material and Follow Up Suggestions.” Cockpit Theatre-in-Education, 1977.

“MARCHES – from Jarrow to Cable Street: Extended Presentation.” Cockpit Theatre-in-Education, 1977.

Redington, Christine (ed.): Six T.I.E. Programmes. London: Methuen, 1987. Includes:

  • “Dirty Rascals.” (Leeds Playhouse Theatre in Education Company);
  • Holman, David: “Peacemaker.”;
  • Evans, Lisa: “Under Exposure.”;
  • “The School on the Green.” (Greenwich Young Peoples Theatre);
  • Gillham, Geoff: “Questions Arising in 1985 from a Mutiny in 1789.” (Action PIE Cardiff);
  • Evans, Lawrence & Jane Nash: “Lives Worth Living.”

Schweitzer, Pam (ed.): Theatre-in-Education. Four Secondary Programmes. London: Methuen, 1980. Includes:

  • Holman, David: “No Pasaran.” (M6 Theatre Company Rochdale);
  • “Example. The Case of Craig and Bentley.” (Belgrade Coventry Theatre in Education Company);
  • Williams, Cora, Pam Schweitzer & Dave Swapp: “Holland New Town.” (M6 Theatre Company Rochdale);
  • “Factory. A Simulation Exercise.” (Rosemary Linnell; The Curtain Theatre London).

“Theatre-in-Education: Marches – from Jarrow to Cable Street” (VHS). Producer: LMS Television Centre. Including:

  • Programme 1 1930-1934
  • Programme 2 1934-1936
  • Programme 3 Summer 1936
  • Programme 4 Discussion

“Theatre-in-Education: Drama Work-In. Arthur Miller – View from the Bridge” (VHS). Producer: LMS Television Centre. Including:

  • 1 Part I (30’00″)
  • 2 Part II (40’00″)

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