Academic Board Papers

In each of the sections below you will find papers for Academic Board meetings. These are listed by date of the meeting to that the papers were sent. You will also find papers here for future meetings again listed by date.

Confirmed minutes are stored on the Committees Section of the DoRIS Home Page. To access these please use the link below.

Academic Development Committee

This is where you will find agendas and papers for meetings of Academic Development Committee.

Higher Education Review

This provides a link to documents relating to the Higher Education Review (HER) which is taking place during the week of 24 November 2014

School of Performance Board

Here you will find the papers for the School of Performance Board of Studies

Staff HR Policies and Procedures

This page contains policies and procedures relating to staff and Human Resources.

Student Rep Page

This page contains resources for Studen Year Reps


This area contains information and updates on the progress of the College's scrutiny as part of our application for Taught Degree Awarding Powers.

You can also comment, offer suggestions or join discussion about the process and our journey to TDAP through the forum.

If you have any questions you can also contact Angela Taylor, Head of Quality or Richard Sadler, Academic Enhancement Manager who should be able to help.