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  • Welcome to DoRIS
    The Document Resource and Information System 

    Welcome to the Document Resource and Information System. Each Section contains a range of documents and information that will be relevant to existing staff and students of the College. Potential students can access Programme information through a link to DoRIS on the College website.

    DoRIS is divided into a number of areas:

    The Handbook of Academic Policies and Procedures
    College Committees
    Plans and Strategies
    Staff HR Policies and Pocedures

    Health and Safety Documents
    ICT Related Policies
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  • Programmes

    Within this area there is a folder for each of the College’s academic programmes. Each folder contains the most recent documents relevant to each Programme including Programme and Module Specifications, External Examiners' Reports and minutes of Programme Committees etc.

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  • Handbook of Academic Policies and Procedures

    The Handbook of Academic Policies and Procedures contains key documents relating to our processes for quality assurance and enhancement across a range of student centred issues. The Handbook is structured to align with the Chapters of the QAA Quality Code for Higher Education and contains policy and procedural documents, student guidance leaflets and editable MS Word forms where necessary.

    if you can't find what you are looking for, please contact Angela or Gill in the Quality Office.

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  • College Committees

    This section contains a link to information about College Committee and minutes of meeting. Please note that access to this part of DoRIS is resticted to staff only. If you have secific queries, please contact the Quality Office

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  • Plans and Strategies

    The folders below contain information and documents relating to the College's various plans and strategies for future development and growth etc. The folders will indicate where these are draft or approved plans.

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  • Staff HR Policies and Procedures

    This section contains a link to HR Policies and Procedures including the Staff Handbook. Please note that access to this part of DoRIS is resticted to staff only. If you have secific quieries, you should contact the HR Department

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  • Health and Safety Documents

    In this section you will find a range of documents relating to Health and Safety aspects of the College. The folders contain the College H&S Policies and Procedures, information and guidance on safe working practices, College Risk Assessments and downloadable forms relating to H&S issues (e.g. risk assessment pro formas, accident reporting etc.)

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  • ICT Policies and Guidance

    This section contains a link to ICT policies and procedures and guidance for staff students. If you have a sp[ecific query than cannot be answered bere you should contact the ICT helpdesk on Ext 1717 or email

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  • College Committees

    In this section you will find information, Terms of Reference and minutes for the College's Committees. You should note that some of the College's Committees (indicated with an asterisk *) deal with sensitive and personal information and for this reason their minutes may not included in this section. If you require further information, you should contact the relevant committee Chair or Clerk.